Bootcamp is a nice way of doing sports in the open air. We train with a group of 8-12 men and
women in the age between 20 and 60. The training is given by an experienced instructor. During
the training you work to improve your muscles, agility and endurance. The training is one
hour and fit for everybody who wants to do sports and improve your endurance.

Why sports with Kouros?

Bootcamp is fun, you sport in a nice athmosphere with other gay or lesbian people. You can train
at your own pace and level, also suitable for beginners. Expats / Englisch speakers are welcome!

If you are a member of kouros, you can also join other social events of Kouros.

Information about the training:
The bootcamp is in the open air, but if it rains we train somewhere under a roof. We do different
exercises and use materials form the open air, like benches, stairs or a wall. Sometimes we do
sports in small groups, that makes it also a social sport. Check out the movie to get an idea!

Kouros Bootcamp training

Where and When:
Every saturdaymorning between 10.00 and 11.00h. We start at Strijp T, achtseweg-zuid 153F (see
the picture).

What does it cost?
You buy a card for 10 lessons, this costs 50€ / you only pay when you attend the lesson. Besides
that you pay 24€ annually for the membership of Kouros