Looking for a LGBTI-sportclubs where  you can sport in a relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people ?

At  Kouros you can do four different sports: Bootcamp (outdoor), ballroom dancing, fitness training for men (indoor) and indoor soccer for women.  Kouros is not exclusively for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender persons. We are open to anyone willing to exercise in a gay (LGBTI) friendly environment.


Besides weekly sports-activities Kouros organizes also various social-activities like hike’s, social-drinks and more.  Also every sportgroup organizes a social activity. So join Kouros since it’s the fastest way to meet new friends in Eindhoven!

Below you will find a short summary of the different sports you can do at Kouros.


Bootcamp is a nice way of doing sports in the open air. We train with a group of 8-12 men and women in the age between 20 and 60. The training is given by an experienced instructor. During the training you work to improve your muscles, agility and endurance. The training is one hour and fit for everybody who wants to do sports and improve your endurance.
Every saturday morning at 10AM. Click here for more information!

Contact: bootcamp@kouroseindhoven.nl


Indoor Bootcamp

An indoor bootcamp training. You can exercise at your own pace. We train with a group of around 15 men. The training is given by a skilled trainer. During the training you work to improve your muscles, agility and endurance. Training is every tuesday from 20.15 – 21.15 hrs at the Gym of primary school ‘De Trinoom’at the Don Boscostraat 2 in Eindhoven.

Contact: conditietraining@kouroseindhoven.nl


Ballroom dancing

dansenAlmost every friday night we dance with a beginner group and an advanced group.  The dance instructer is a gualified instructor from Danceschool Everybody.
Location: wijkcentrum ‘Het Akkertje’, Heezerweg 452 in Eindhoven 

Note: September 9th a new dance course starts

Contact: dansen2@kouroseindhoven.nl

Indoor Soccer for women

zaalvoetbalEvery Thursday evening we have our soccer training. With a group of women we do a nice indoor soccer training.  During the summer period we sometimes train outside.

Contact: zaalvoetbal@kouroseindhoven.nl